Thursday, September 6, 2012

Claude Hamilton

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Claude Hamilton- Enjoy and spend life with great zeal.

Claude Hamilton
LIFE can be difficult on a day-to-day basis, with not enough time for family and not enough income to make a difference in people’s lives. Can there actually be a business out there that can provide more free time for family with substantial income? Claude Hamilton is one of the primary founders of LIFE and is known for his convictions, character and courage. He exemplifies his character through example in his own life.

Claude Hamilton is first and foremost a family man and their protector. He is a devoted and proud husband to Lana and takes great pride in their son. The Hamilton family lives in one of the largest of homes in their Canadian province, although neither Lana nor Claude was born into wealth. Their success and beautiful home come from perseverance and community leadership, focused on improving people’s lives. Learn more about his leadership  click this website

Lana and Claude were both active in the Canadian military; Lana was in the Navy while Claude was a Canadian “Navy Seal.” The Hamilton’s had a dream but very little money. With no plans or connections, they struggled through various modes of networking for at least a grueling five years. Unable to attend leadership conventions on the other side of Canada, but with no money and the “never say quite” mindset, Claude actually hitchhiked to be present at his first ever conference while Lana served at sea. They are proof that dreams can come true for those who never give up hope. Their continued efforts and perseverance were the final link to future success. They vowed for nothing less than to climb to the top of the ladder.

As the primary founder of LIFE, Claude Hamilton has multiple interests for accomplishments such as family, travel, politics, professional networking and business development, just to name a few. He spends endless hours for the benefit of us all through major functions and seminars. Claude Hamilton of Life indeed practices the principles that he firmly believes in. He excels in motivational speaking, helping others through business ventures, team leadership and training. He also specializes in personal and professional development. You will Learn more in the business world, then know Claude is first and foremost known for his character, courage, and convictions.

Click this website and get the information that Claude joined a business organization known as TEAM in 2006 and was already becoming a great achiever because of his drive and determination. He is now a great leader of TEAM as he made many improvements in quality and success of the many seminars and major functions to help others with LIFE. The focus of LIFE is to improve people’s lives with what they call the “8 Fs" known as family, faith, friends, finances, freedom, fitness, following and fun. Claude dreamed big and made things happen for himself and Lana as well as others through his leadership and knowledge. He had a vision and is adamant about helping others follow their visions.

TEAM met with some difficulties in late 2007 but never enough for Claude and Lana to through in the towel. As others seemed to feel defeat at the time, the Hamilton’s took charge to overcome difficulties and help TEAM to grow. Even as the numbers and income began dropping further in 2008, they stuck to their core belief in their community’s desirable freedom. Finally, in early 2009, things were looking up for TEAM because of their efforts, although it still meant personal hardships for them to forge forward.
All those who know the story of Claude and Lana Hamilton admire them, their vision and perseverance, not only for themselves but their community and others that they try to help to succeed in LIFE. Through all the struggles, TEAM was free of disputes by 2010 and on its way to pursue its fate and fortune. Claude volunteered to be the leader over the TEAM events department which helped the organization become more profitable, and it made a big turnaround for the better. Claude and Lana continue to live their lives as examples of the principles that they believe in order to give others hope for their future through LIFE.

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